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Testing for educational success

Mindboost Neuropsychological Services

Mindboost Neuropsychological Services provides comprehensive evaluation and consultation services for children, adolescents, and adults.

Research tells us that a neuropsychological assessment leads to more accurate diagnosis and specific interventions targeting unique challenges resulting in more efficient and positive outcomes. Our goal is to help you identify and enhance brain behavior abilities and help answer questions you have regarding cognitive, educational, social-emotional, and behavioral capabilities.

We offer highly specialized assessments to provide a deep understanding of how you or your child's behavior is influenced by their brain functioning.  This type of evaluation can only be achieved by highly qualified clinical psychologists who have dedicated their education, experience, and years of training to the field of neuropsychology. .

We do not use techs, students, or master's level clinicians, and you will directly work with your licensed clinical neuropsychologist from start to finish.

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